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4 5 6


Big News for 4th, 5th, & 6th Graders!

We are excited to announce the launch of something NEW at Malibu Pres...

Our "4 5 6" Ministry! 

What is 4 5 6?
Think of it as an "intro to youth group" for preteens!  We believe 4th, 5th & 6th graders are entering an important and shaping time in their lives, and we want to be a part of it! We want to help "bridge the gap" between elementary and middle school in a fun, age appropriate, and meaningful way.

What will 4 5 6 nights consist of?
4 5 6 will meet Monthly and will include: a Meal (dinner), a Message (a biblically based talk & discussion), Music (worship band) & Merriment (crazy games)!

Who is in charge?
We, Katie Shull (Children's Director) & Joel Dunn (Youth Director), are excited to collaborate with this ministry. Our children's & youth interns will also be involved, and we believe that they will be awesome and Godly examples for your preteens.

When & Where will 4 5 6 nights take place?
4 5 6 nights will be one Thursday night a month, from 6-7:30pm at MPC. 

The next 4 5 6 Night is in May 9th! 

How can I get involved? 
We would LOVE for you to get involved! Our goal is to for each parent to sign up to attend ONE 4 5 6 night a year. We believe it is invaluable to watch your preteen among their peers & to hear the same message, which creates meaningful conversation at home!

What about Sunday Mornings?
We are hoping to also have 4 5 6 meet on Sunday mornings, starting in the fall. However, we need volunteers to make this happen! Please let us know if you would like to volunteer once a month on Sunday mornings!