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About the Preschool

About the Preschool

MPNS-Alphabet-BannerSchool hours 9am-1pm (extended day to 3 pm available M-Th)
Teacher-Child Ratio: 1:6
Ages: 2 years 6 months - 5 years

MPNS-CircleMalibu Presbyterian Nursery School was founded in 1965 as an outreach to children of Malibu and surrounding communities. The church sponsored Preschool is a self-supporting, non-profit entity. It is licensed by the State Department of Social Services and administered by a Nursery School Board. All children of the community between the ages of 2 years 9 months and 5 are welcome with no discrimination as to creed, color, or national origin. Provision for those with special needs will be made whenever possible. Enrollment is limited, by license, to accommodate only a reasonable number of children for the physical premises.


"Malibu Presbyterian was the biggest blessing to our family. The teachers guided my twins through the best three years of their lives so far. My children know right from wrong, how to make new friends and how to love and respect the world. I always felt safe leaving my twins in the care of the teachers at Malibu Presbyterian. When our daughter was 2 1/2 she had a little separation anxiety. Our teachers always made sure to show her extra love and make sure she felt safe and comfortable. Now she’s a very confident five year old who’s more than ready for kindergarten. If you’re looking for a school that’s leads everything through love, care and lots of magical fun, then this is the school for you. We are forever grateful for the beautiful memories MPNS leaves us with." 
Tiffany - mom of boy/girl twins

"MPNS was an amazing experience for each of our three daughters, who left not only academically prepared for kindergarten, but also with several intangibles that are undoubtedly even more valuable: courage, self-esteem, care for others, a love of play, and a passion to create. I can’t thank the teachers and staff enough for the profound influence they’ve been early on in our kids’ lives."
Kim - mom of 3 girls

"We have had two kids at Malibu Pres for several years, and we are so thankful for the way the amazing teachers have poured into our children. When our kids arrive each day, they are welcomed into loving arms (figuratively and literally!) and a playful, educational environment. I highly recommend MPNS and would easily choose this place again if given the opportunity."
Kristy - mom of two


At MPNS we believe that Christian values should be both “caught” and “taught”. Therefore our curriculum continually emphasizes kindness, sharing, generosity, honesty, love and care for our earth and its inhabitants, and other values practiced and preached by Jesus. At Christmas time we share the story of the birth of Jesus, and we begin each snack and mealtime with the following prayer: “For food and friends and loving care, we give You thanks, O God. Amen.” We also get a 15 minute chapel music time with our wonderful Malibu Presbyterian Church Children's Director, twice a week. Beyond that, we prefer to leave your child’s spiritual training in the hands of you, the parents. We will never denigrate a child for his or his family’s beliefs, nor will we force ours on your child. We love sharing and hearing about all children's cultures and religious practices. We value and welcome religious diversity. All children are equally respected and welcomed here. At the same time, please be aware that all services of Malibu Presbyterian Church, from Sunday School to pastoral counseling, are readily available to your family. We want to be a home to those of you who do not already have a church family.


In conjunction with our 40th anniversary celebration in 2006, MPNS has begun a “sister school” relationship with Light in Africa, an orphanage and children’s school in Moshi, Tanzania, Africa. Our purpose is “to instill a sense of responsibility and charity even at a young age, encouraging us all to live a life that considers what we can give (even on a global scale), not solely what we can get.” The children will exchange letters, pictures, and e-mails with their “Light in Africa” friends, learn more about how children in Tanzania are like them, and different from them, and hopefully broaden their worldview as they prepare themselves to be “citizens of tomorrow. Since we strive to expose the children to a broad-based, multicultural curriculum, we talk about our “brothers and sisters” in Tanzania throughout the year, and not just our “Children Around the World” unit.