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Build: Mission Trip

Build: Mission Trip


Be transformed through serving in San Francisco.

The YWAM San Francisco Outreach Department challenges and equips followers of Jesus to serve our city and their own communities with greater vision and hope.

Our hope is to see transformation in both San Francisco and our teams. Serve with us through prayer walks, service projects and sharing the Gospel in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.


Who: 8th Grade [Entering in Fall 2018] - 12th Grade [and Graduated Seniors 2018]

When: June 24th- June 30th

Cost: $650 [includes- flight, food, transportation, accomodations, and an amazing experience!]



// Ministry Opportunities //

Here at YWAM SF prayer plays such an important role in the daily life of ministry. We encourage teams to be a part of what God is doing here in San Francisco by praying as they walk through specific locations that we have mapped out. Some examples are our photo prayer walk, neighborhood prayer walk, full city prayer walk and Treasure Hunt (an all day prayer activity).

Massage Parlor Prayer Walk

Participants are taught about human trafficking in San Francisco and then sent to pray over some of the massage parlors where that happens.

Community Lunch

Hospitality is one of the gifts we wish to foster in our participants. During Community Lunch participants have the opportunity of inviting people off the streets and into the YWAM base to serve and share meals with people they have connected with on the streets.

St. Anthony’s

St. Anthony’s is a Catholic organization which serves the homeless in a variety of ways. Groups often enjoy volunteering in their friendly dining room.

Glide Memorial

Glide is a hub of resources for the homeless of the Tenderloin. Our groups are often able to partner with them through volunteering in their dining room which serves on average about 2,560 meals per day.

Homeless Sack Lunch

In this activity we pack two lunches-one for ourselves and one for a homeless friend. We then set out into different parts of the city to enjoy their company, hear their stories and share the gospel.

Neighborhood Cleanup

We believe as followers of Christ’s teachings good stewardship of the earth and striving to make everything around us more beautiful is so important. We are proud to live in a city that does it’s part in fostering a better physical environment in the streets but know we can always do more.

Hot Chocolate Evangelism

Hot Chocolate Nights are longest standing tradition here at YWAM SF. We are known in the neighborhood for our red & blue jugs that carry hot chocolate to our friends on the street. We strive to restore dignity one cup at a time by reminding people that they are valued and what they have to say matters. It’s an exciting activity that allows for us to pray and listen to our friends on the street.

YWAM SF Food Pantry

Every Thursday afternoon our base transforms into a food pantry where we distribute food from the Food Bank to the residents of the Tenderloin. These are very often elderly immigrants from all over the world who now call the Tenderloin home.

Homeless Plunge

Take a walk in a homeless person’s shoes. In this activity participants spend a day finding out what it is like to be homeless in San Francisco by visiting feeding programs and listening as the homeless share their stories themselves.

San Francisco Food Bank

The San Francisco Food Bank provides meals to thousands of people every week through food pantries all over the city. At the Food Bank volunteers help to package and sort food so that it is ready to be handed out.