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Build: Sunday Morning

Build: Sunday Morning

build sunday 2016

Build: Sunday Mornings [September-Memorial Day]
Meet in the Fellowship Hall starting at 10:45am. It's a party and you "doughnot" want to miss out!

All Church Worship Service times [9:00am and 10:45am].

The Build Youth are staying in for the first service [9:00am] and heading to Fellowship Hall for our own Youth Time during the second service [10:45am]. Our goal/dream/thought behind this is to get the students actively engaging in our all church worship service. If students want to sit with their families we highly encourage that too! But if you want to come hang out in the first three rows... we will have a whole section for the youth and UM peeps*! [*people... not yummy yellow marshmallows]


Questions? Contact Joel Here