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Josh Kauffman

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Hey, thanks for clicking through to read my story.

In lieu of a lengthy narrative, I'd rather introduce myself to you by telling you that on any given day I consider myself to be:

a husband, father, musician, surfer, christian, missionary kid, singer, songwriter, worshipper, californian/hawaiian/californian (born/raised/currently living), wheaton grad, world traveler, reflective thinker, long talker, nostalgic, part of the band daelsson, part of the band kepano green, part of the malibu pres family and worship team (coming up on ten years), a dog lover, a conservative, a YWAMer at heart, a lover, a fighter, an artist, a jock, a gearhead (I love instruments and the tools that interpret them), a technophobe (I resent touchscreens), a book and movie lover (currently "name of the wind" and whatever movie gives me an excuse for a date with my wife), a closet foodie (nigiri sushi), a coffee junkie (latte), an analog guy (watches with moving parts, tube amps, stick shifts), a seeker, a sinner, a spiritual leader, and a vagabond that considers home to be more person than place...