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Shining Bright in Darkness

Greetings Family and Friends of MPC,

My heartbreaks for all those that are hurting around us. This has been a devastating week for our local community from the terror at Borderline to the horror of the Woolsey Wildfire. My family is safe and my home is standing after the fire, but many in our community have not been so fortunate. We have had several members of our church that have lost their homes, and I’m afraid we will find out that more have been damaged/destroyed after we are allowed back into our evacuated areas.

I have been following the Nextdoor App (for local updates) and I have been surprised by some of the bickering and insults that have been traded back and forth by some neighbors. Clearly we need some Spirit-filled people to rise up (Galatians 5:22). MPC has always shined brightest in the dark. It’s time for us to lead the way again in response to the horrific Woolsey Fire. The Session of MPC has created a “Disaster Relief Fund” to help people recover from the Woolsey Fire. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please make checks payable to MPC and in the memo write Disaster Relief Fund. We will take a special collection at church on the coming Sundays (we are hoping we will be able to meet at MPC this Sunday...check or our FB page for updates).

You may also donate online by visiting and when prompted choose fund: Fire Recovery.

Most of all, please continue to pray for those impacted by the events of this past week. Recovery will not come overnight. We will need more of the Fruit of the Spirit, the Patience of Job, and the Compassion of Christ in the weeks and many months ahead. If you are one that has been hit by this fire, please know that we are here for you and want to walk alongside you on your road to recovery. We grieve with you and look forward to better days ahead. Fires and tribulation do not define us. We are resurrection people!

With much affection,

Greg Hughes