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Upper Room

Upper Room

The Upper Room is the name of our Adult Education Classes. We meet in the Library on the third floor of the church, above the fellowship hall where the church offices are located.

The Upper Room seminars are topical, interactive and practical. They are based on Scripture and seek to engage people in how to apply our faith in every day life. The seminar teachers include MPC Elders, lay-leaders and staff members.

We chose the name "The Upper Room" because it is symbolic of the place Jesus celebrated the last Passover meal with his disciples and washed their feet (John 13), shared a lengthy discourse with the disciples (John 14-17, often referred to as the Upper Room Discourse), and then after the ascension of Jesus the first disciples gather together in "the room upstairs...constantly devoting themselves to prayer" and it is there that the disciples experience the decent of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1-2). Certainly, we hope the Upper Room in our church will be a place where people can deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join! Come for the first service, grab a refreshment on the patio then head to the Upper Room during second service. Parents with children please feel free to make use of Sunday School for both services.

The next Upper Room Series:

Sunday, April 23rd 10:45am
Teacher: Bob Kaufman "War: Why war is sometimes just in the Judeo-Christian tradition."

Sunday, April 30th 10:45 am
Teacher: Dina Newman "Wisdom: Making sense of the good, bad, and messy."

Sunday, May 7 10:45am
Teacher: Dayne Sieling "Worry: 'What, me worry?' - Alfred E Neuman, 1959"