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Build Winter Camp

Build Winter Camp

Who Are University logoBuild Winter Camp 2019 is almost here! We are heading up to Big Bear with a couple other churches [Perry!!!] for an awesome weekend of games, worship, and amazing adventures around every corner!

Theme: "Who Are U." You have been accepted to a new and upcoming University called "Who Are U."! During your formational years* [days*] here at "Who Are U." you will be assigned awesome room mates, have the caf at your disposal, and we will be in deep studies on all of your basic and advance courses which include:

Dodgeball 101, AP Capture The Flag, Advanced Arts and Crafts, Beginner Bible, Nacho Fountain 201, Intermediate Bible, AP Music and Karaoke, Advanced Bible, and Greek.

These are just some of the courses that will be found here at WHO ARE U. apply now!


When: February 15th-18th [*12:30pm departure time on the 15th]

Where: Pine Summit Christian Camp

Cost: $265 [Long weekend! Woot! 3 nights 4 days]

Apply Now: